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Click on the questions below to see the corresponding answer.

How do I get a User Id and password to log into the Web app?

Open a web browser enter Then under the “New Customer” sections of the screen click on the “Continue” button. Complete the registration from that displays and then click the “Submit My Web Account” button.

How do I change my password?

From the “My Account” link in the header of the website click on “Change Password”.

  • Enter the Current Password
  • Type the New Password
  • Retype the New Password
  • Click on the “Submit” button.

If the password has been forgotten click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page to have it reset.

How do I search on the website?

Use the “Quick Search” option to type in a portion of the product description and click the search icon. Or, click on the “Search Tab” to open the “Product Search Filters” screen. Enter the necessary criteria for the search and click “Apply”. The results will display on the search screen.
Note: The search will be based on an “Any Character” match.

Where do I report any issues or suggestions?

Use the email link or phone number 405.947.8050 found at the bottom of the website.

Where can I find instructions for using the website?

Once logged into the Web Ordering site, click on the Documentation link at the top of the page. From the list of documents that appear select “Standard Operating Procedures”.

Where can I view the items added to my shopping cart?

From the Shopping Cart click on “Checkout”. The Checkout-Review Orders screen will display. Click on the “View Order Details” button.

How can I review past items ordered?

Click on the “Product History” tab to view 12 months of history.
Note: Past invoices can be viewed on the “Invoice History” tab.

Can orders be uploaded to the website?

Yes, use the “Upload Orders” tab to choose the file to upload. This tab will also give instructions for the format need when creating the file.

How do I edit my shopping cart?

After clicking on “Checkout”, click the “View Order Detail” button from the Checkout-Review Orders screen. The Orders Detail screen will display giving you the option to edit or delete items from the shopping cart.

Can I save items as a favorite for future ordering?

Yes, after performing a search, click the “Heart” next to the items to save. They will be saved to the “Order Pad” tab for future ordering.